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Revelation Revealed 27 | Revelation 18 | Jim Hammond | LWCC

July 17, 2023 Living Word Season 2023 Episode 27
Living Word Audio Podcast
Revelation Revealed 27 | Revelation 18 | Jim Hammond | LWCC
Show Notes

As life ebbs and flows through the days, weeks, and months, it’s easy to get lost in the information, the routine, and the schedules. We can forget that we are only on earth for a short time period; as the Bible tells us, we are here for about an eyeblink in the grand scheme of things. That’s why these messages on the book of Revelation from Pastor Jim Hammond are so important. They keep you rapture-minded! It is good to live aware of all that is to come and to avoid compromise within our faith.

Chapter 18 of the book of Revelation talks about the same subject as chapter 17. It also covers the fall of Babylon. Now you will hear some people say that this chapter has already been fulfilled, but it is good to be wary of that perspective. If we ignore the truths in Revelation 18, it will be much easier to sit back and focus more on life on earth rather than our forever future in heaven.
There will be leaders in the end times that push a religious spirit. They will claim that they know God, but they will not represent a relationship with Jesus Christ. They will present other options that they will use to lure as many people as they can to follow them. They will merge political and economic systems to back their desire.
When this happens, don’t compromise.
This chapter does take place at the end of the tribulation, but you can already see these systems moving into place. People are promoting ideas that do not honor God and point people away from Jesus. That is wrong. Your job is to stay close to Jesus and your relationship with Him. Do not compromise on your beliefs!

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