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Revelation Revealed 11 | Rev. 6 | Jim Hammond | LWCC

January 02, 2023 Living Word Season 2023 Episode 11
Living Word Audio Podcast
Revelation Revealed 11 | Rev. 6 | Jim Hammond | LWCC
Show Notes

Pastor Jim ministered on Revelation chapter 6. It was part of his current teaching series on Saturday nights entitled Revelation Revealed. He started off by reminding us that this book has a promise attached to it. Blessed are those who read the words of Revelation. These words point to Jesus. Everything, even the judgments, point back to Him.

Specifically, Pastor Jim focused on the first few verses of Revelation chapter 6. These verses tell of the beginning of the first seal judgments. He provided context for what the world could look like in this day, and more than anything, how reading these judgments should make us more and more active in bringing other people into a relationship with Jesus.

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